The Songs

Songs from Wings : Story of a Butterfly Princess

Scene 1 – 6

Enter Princess Pandora, a wannabe butterfly and a resentful princess! Her deep yearning is to join the popular butterfly gang and to, “Fly like a pretty butterfly!”


Here we are introduced to her inner  angst of being born something she doesn’t want to be, while believing no one understands her difficult plight. She feels quite despondent about this and wants to, “Shut the world out of my eyes.”


We are also introduced to the comical Aunt Agatha, who tells her to stop wasting her time by, “hanging with your silly friends, pretending to fly ” and instead instructs her  to  ‘get a job’!


Enter her good friend and confidante Prince Piper, who asks her to tell him all about her problems. He concedes to her that with  “All this talk of endless flying, you always end up crying,” but still encourages  her to be free to express who she wants to be.

1. Overture
2. 1. Butterfly Princess
3. 2. What's a Princess
4. 3. Get a Job
5. 4. No-one Understands Me
6. 5. Shut The World
7. 6. Prince's Song
Butterfly Princess Whats a Princess

Scene 7 – 12

Prince Piper tries to convince Pandora that the butterfly gang are just fickle flying friends; “Sorry to burst your bubble baby, but they don’t love you like I and your family do!”


Pandora  becomes more besotted with her beloved butterfly gang and boasts, “Just wait til they all see how high I can fly!”


Her mother can’t understand why she needs to try to change who she is, ” our beautiful shining star!”


However, it becomes apparent to Pandora that unless she conforms to being more like the butterfly gang, she isn’t acceptable to them. She soon realises, “I don’t look like them,  I don’t talk like them”. But in an enlightening moment she comes to realise that she won’t be  “bullied into being someone else but me!”


Pandora reaches the conclusion that true friends and family are more important than being part of a gang who don’t accept you for who you are. She is philosophical that, “If I could ‘fly’ in my life, I wouldn’t need to be a pretty butterfly.”


Pandora realises that she is  ‘Extra-Special’ just being herself.

1. 7. Pretty Butterfly


2. 8. Pretty Practice Queen


3. 9. Fickle Flying Friends


4. 10. Princess Pandora


5. 11. Extra Special Me


6. 12. I Want to be a Friend